What Causes Dry Skin In Babies?

Baby on blanket yawning
Baby on blanket yawning

Why Is Taking Care Of Baby’s Skin Important?

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults because they adjust to the extreme temperature when brought into the world. It could be owing to reaction with any clothes, product or could also be due to some genital issue.

Sometimes the dryness in the baby’s skin is temporary and goes away on its own. Whereas sometimes it could become severe and needs to be cured. In extreme cases, the appearance of scars on baby skin could also be due to a genetic disorder, i.e., eczema. It is better to keep track of dry skin in babies and ask a paediatrician if necessary. 

Checking The Cause Of Skin Peeling In Newborns: 

  • When babies are born, they tend to have peeling skin. It remains in for a week, sometimes for that. Due to the presence of amniotic fluid within the mother’s womb, it doesn’t let the baby’s skin peel off. In the external world, the baby’s skin becomes dry and thus peeled. Babies born pre-mature have less skin peeling than those who are born after the due date. Skin peeling is mainly a natural phenomenon, and it goes on its own. There is as such no treatment required for this skin peeling. People tend to find home-based remedies for this because it is temporary. 

When Excess Water Is Used: 

  • Overexposure to water at times makes the baby’s skin very dry. Bath with hot waters soothes the baby, thus thinking the same parents sometimes give their children a long-hour bath. Much stay in hot water makes the skin dry. Similarly, when normal soap is used for bathing purposes, the natural oil of the baby is washed off. It is advisable to give the child a lukewarm water bath, which should not be more than 15 min at max. You should pat dry the skin of the baby with the help of a soft towel. Make sure the towel rinse the water off, and there should be no friction. After the bath, apply baby moisturizer on the baby’s skin to keep the body properly hydrated. 

Control Dehydration: 

  • Temperature plays an essential role in the dryness of the body of a baby. Any harsh weather, whether cold or dry, can directly impact the skin of the baby. It will take out the natural oil of the body and make it dry. In severe cases, the body peeling starts, and it can even break the skin tissues. The temperature of the room where the baby lives should be so adjusted that it doesn’t cause any harm to the baby’s skin. Also, keep the milk intake of the newborn up to the required level, so the inner hydration of the body is also maintained. 

Presence Of Eczema: 

  • Sometimes, owing to eczema, the skin of the baby becomes dry. You need to check the difference between normal-dry skin and eczema in babies, for that matter. In the case of eczema, the dryness of the skin can become itching with intense rashes. It would help if you looked for the other symptoms as well.


Parents need to know what is causing the skin of their babies to go dry. They can look for the probable symptoms and the effective treatments, for that matter. Keep a check and treat hydration with baby dry skin accordingly.