Loan Programs

Our programs require minimal documentation compared with traditional Ag lenders.

  • Full Documentation (Doc) Loans with special rates and terms
  • EZ Doc Loans that do not require tax returns
  • No Income and No Asset Verification Programs (You do not state your income or liquid assets)
  • Equity Lines and 2nd Mortgages are available
  • Loan terms are 15 and 30 years and may have variable or fixed rates
  • Multiple Monthly Payment Option Program with a starting rate as low as 2.95%. (You have the choice every month of paying below the fully indexed rate, interest only, amortizing or making periodic principal reductions and having the monthly payment recast annually.)
  • Maximum Cash-Out Loans

Real Estate Purchases and Improvements
Long-term loans (30-year amortization) are made for real estate purchases, debt consolidation, farm improvements, homes, facilities and recreational use.

Rural Residential Property Loans
Term loans are made for the purchase, construction, remodeling and refinancing of rural homes.