Planning for your maternity photos? Know how to prepare

Singaporean parents are now crazy about shooting maternity photos. Of course, as a mom-to-be, you should be overjoyed about the life inside and the growing bump! There is no better way to celebrate this milestone in your life other than maternity photos. Those do not only show your round full-grown belly but also capture your maternity glow. One can always look back at those and cherish the joy and happiness felt during pregnancy.

A majority of the expectant moms feel uneasy about their maternity photo session as they do not have any idea what to wear during the photo session. One can wear any fabric provided they do not fight tight and for colors any solid color from white, black, or brown works well.

Getting manicure and pedicure done a day or two earlier is ideal. Jewelry is generally avoided, except in themed photos, as they deliver a gorgeous look.

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Here are the tips for preparing for a maternity session

If you are living in Singapore and expecting, you must be planning for maternity sessions. This is natural as maternity photos can only help you to tread down the memory lane in the years to come. These portraits also become a part of your family history.

But a majority of the mom-to-be, especially those who are in their first pregnancy, feel shaky about the maternity sessions and make a mess out of it. The best way to avoid such a situation is to meet the photographer earlier and talk about the style and theme of the shoot.

Since capturing maternity radiance is the prime objective of maternity sessions one must be pampered with makeup. Getting the nails and toes ready also helps to have a successful maternity photo. One must also wear coordinated outfits with complementing colors and stay relaxed. This will help to enjoy the session.

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Quality newborn photography has reasons to be expensive

Singaporean parents often think that maternity photography prices in Singapore are off the charts. This is a sentiment that prevails in the mainstream. People think that their baby is just like a bundle now. The photographer comes for a few hours and an hour afterward for viewing photographs. But they charge high.

There is another side to this story. People have no idea that snapped within 15 days from birth, newborn photography is a specialty. One has to undergo a lot of training to become a newborn photographer.

Excessive time is another contributing factor. While family photography session may take form 30 minutes to an hour, newborn photography may spread up to several hours. And, as babies have their timings, they have to maintain a flexible schedule. Moreover, all props used have to be sanitized for the safety of the baby. Plus, editing newborn photos also take much time.

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